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A message from Darlene & Gary
We believe deeply in the institution of Marriage and we love what we do for others on their wedding day. Both of us are Ordained and we specialize in tailoring the ceremony to suit your individual needs and personality. We are a team that gives you nothing less than a 100% commitment and that is why you won't find a discounted structure for our services.

We offer a service that goes beyond the normal and we provide you with nothing less than our own expectations of what every wedding ceremony should be. We take your special day seriously and we appreciate your consideration. More About Us 

A message from Darlene & Gary about their Services
On our Services page you'll find all of the detailed information about the regular services you would expect of us , however there is more! With so many weddings these days being outdoors it is common for the Bride and Groom to have their special entrance song played on some type of Boombox. This is usually out of a case of necessity.

We (on the other hand) provide you with a 'live' and 'professional' presentation of your special entrance song, and we work with your band or DJ to also present your special 'First Dance Song'. We entertain your guests while they await the arrival of the Bride and you and your guests will be astounded at the difference it makes. Our professional equipment will also record your ceremony so that you can both relive your special day throughout your lives together. More about the Services and Price

A message from Darlene & Gary about your music choice
It is completely your choice! If you decide to use your own track then we will play it for you on our professional equipment however if you choose, Darlene will be delighted to sing it for you live.

On our audio page you can hear Darlene sing a number of songs. You can also hear Gary's voice as he delivers some ceremony extracts. We believe it's important for you to know exactly what you are getting. No surprises on your special day!
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We are not professional photographers and we do not offer a professional service however; Darlene is skilled and throughout your day she will take a batch of photo's that are random and indiscriminate. These are yours to keep and will add nicely to your professional collection.

Our Drone Service
If your ceremony is outdoors, we can provide an aerial video of your service with the use of our Drone. This service is usually an extra charge as it may require an operator. The results though are astounding!

A final message from Darlene & Gary
Our comprehensive officiating services are not for every couple and we tend to be engaged by those seeking to go the extra mile to create that something special and different, for themselves, their families and their friends to remember. Marriage is entered into with the intention that it will last forever and so too will your videos and photo’s be viewed for many years to come. We want to help you create a ceremony that stands out from the rest and that is why we do what we do in the way we do it.

Thank you for visiting our website, please explore it thoroughly and we sincerely hope to be speaking with you very soon!